Whether an MFA student or an undergraduate minoring in creative writing, you’ll be challenged to grow and mature as a writer as you pursue your literary and academic goals. You will study with established as well as emerging authors and scholars and be part of a thriving artistic and intellectual community.
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Sarah Blackman

“I was in the MFA program at Bama from 2003-2007. I entered as a fiction writer but my first writing love had always been poetry and I wanted to do both. At Alabama, I didn’t have to choose. I took workshops in both genres, literature classes in both genres, wrote two thesis and defended them both. Along the way, I learned how to break down the barriers I had put in place between the two and write a kind of fiction that […]

Jessica Lee Richardson

“I attended UA from 2009-2013. My time there was marked by extreme events, both personal and local, including the tornado on April 27th 2011. I’m only leading with disaster because I think it tightened the bond between students and faculty and community beyond what may be normal for an MFA program. Our ego boundaries kind of dropped and we became almost a larger body for a while. Our egos snapped back into place eventually, but the love (and dance parties) […]

Luke Percy

Why did you choose Alabama for your MFA? What were you doing before you came here? I think the most honest answer here would be: Alabama chose me. As an international student who decided very late in the application season to pursue an MFA, I scattered my applications all over the board. Not only was UA the first school to get back to me (with an incredibly personal, welcoming email I might add), they offered the best deal. The funding […]

Shelley Feller

Why did you choose Alabama for your MFA? What were you doing before you came here? To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know much about Alabama when I decided to apply. Five years ago, one of my favorite poets told me that all you really need from an MFA is money and time. In this regard, she added, “Alabama is the hidden gem of the MFA world.” Remembering her words three years later, I applied to The University of Alabama […]