Student Readings

graduate student reading at an MFA event

The MFA Student Reading series is run by the students themselves and allows every MFA student who wishes to read their work in front of an audience to do so. In art galleries on campus or coffee shops downtown, students and members of the community gather to hear work in progress.

Should you choose to attend UA’s MFA program, you’ll be invited to participate in the First-Year MFA Reading Series, in which four or five students in the new cohort read together.

In a student’s final year at UA, they sometimes take the opportunity to showcase a portion of their final project in the form of a reading. Some organizers go to great lengths, collaborating with musicians, other writers, and an event space! Others simply send a quiet invitation to their professors and friends to share a small evening reading. Either way, we honor departing students and the hard work they’ve done to put new art into the world and find a mode of expression that they own.