Alumni Bookshelf


Andy Duncan

Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic (Co-Ed.)
New stories from the south

Tony Early

New Stories from the South (Ed.)

B. J. Hollars

Monsters: A Collection of Literary Sightings (Ed.)

B. J. Hollars

You Must Be This Tall to Ride: Contemporary Writers Take You Inside the Story (Ed.)
Enter Your Initials, Brian Oliu

Brian Oliu

Enter Your Initials for Record Keeping
Liver of Dixie, Oliu

Brian Oliu

Liver of Dixie: Stories from Egan’s (Co. Ed)
Tuscaloosa Writes This, Oliu

Brian Oliu

Tuscaloosa Writes This (Co. Ed.)
Tuscaloosa Runs This, Oliu

Brian Oliu

Tuscaloosa Runs This (Ed.)
The Pleasure of Influence

Rob Trucks

The Pleasure of Influence: A Conversation with American Male Fiction Writers (Ed.)